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Used to be a great app

Use to be a great app. The alarm feature does not work properly with ios10.2 and motion x is not willing to fix this issue. Hard to use the sleep analysis feature when the alarm doesnt work properly and the app crashes 20 minutes after you start it. Sad to see this great app come to a sad end

Works. Sometimes.

Works great when it works. But then there are the unknown nights where you turn on the alarm and the app mysteriously stops it before the time you set it to go off. Happens about ever 6 weeks or so. Becoming unreliable as an alarm. :-(

Need update

App has got perfect skills but it needs an update for 6/6+ or higher

Good but they still wont fix crashing

No update - going on over 2 years. Everything works great, but it crashes when you hit tips. Theyve known for over 24 months, but no fix. Disappointed that it shows they wont improve.


I love it. And its easy to set up and to use...

Wont work with 7+

I tried & tried to get my 7+ to read my heartbeat but could not get it to work. I contacted the app & was told they are aware of the problem. Oh sorry for your luck consumer, we didnt tell you about our incompatibility with your iPhone!!

Not for Apple Watch

I expected this to be Apple Watch compatible ( just like Fitbit blaze app) but was disappointed that you need to sleep with the iPhone for it to work. I know a lot of work has gone into development and hence the 2. Apple Watch compatibility is a no brainier .... Want my money back.

Great app!

Been using this app for a couple years. Now I have an Apple Watch; where is the watch app?

A Truly Great App!!!

I use this App to record my sleep, and to keep track of my step count throughout the day & night. I have sleep apnea, and this App allows me to hear how many apnea events I still have while wearing my CPAP nasal pods. I would never know how many episodes I still have without this wonderful app!

Luv the app

Needs an update for for iPhone 7+ and iOS 10. Heart rate doesnt work. :(

App used to great, but not now

This app used to be magical and dependable. Since the most recent update though, not so much. It wont let you program your own music to wake you, the step counter is way off and its just gone down hill the last 6 months. Find another sleep tracker or alarm clock.

Outstanding App

Great app for monitoring sleep, exercise, heart rate and more.

User Friendly

App with all the extras. Being in the medical field I would recommend this App to all my patients

Locked since iOS 10!

I have used this app over two years but its been locking up since IOS 10 came out. It wont open at all anymore. Just locks on the home screen. Please fix it or I am going to have to delete this app and find a new one that works. This is frustrating.

MotionX----X for Xcellent!!!!!!

Totally Awesome, accurate, very good if you suffer from a sleep disorder and want to keep up with your sleep (data) health. Wonderful for tracking overall health. Get as much or as little info as you want.

Great App, but ...

Really helped me track sleep and encourage sleep. Its definitely improved my sleep habit and patterns. Unfortunately, like all sleep apps on the iPhone, it must run in the foreground AND take control of all audio. This means there is no listening to other music or sleep inducing waves. You need a separate device if you need to use your phone for anything else. App Issues Need ability to change alarm time without splitting the daily sleep record. Need ability to look at sleep record when I wake temporarily without splitting the daily sleep record. Need to update results on Mac and print results. Need data not to be deleted on phone. Need to be able to sleep for more than 12 hours when sick or expecting call at night from India .

App features do not work

Disappointed in this pay app.

Nice App - But Not Intuitive

Tracks sleep, but it does so at your discretion if you manually schedule it; I dont see an update on this app for 2 years which makes me skeptical. Id pass for one thats newer.

Too slow

This program gets slower with every upgrade. Unbelievable.


This must be the slowest app ever to be on the App Store! It take about 20 seconds to start (if it ever starts, because sometimes it wont even start), and is a battery hog! It takes a special talent to develop a simple app that records audio and a few iPhone sensors that takes so much resources.

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