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Not for Apple Watch

I expected this to be Apple Watch compatible ( just like Fitbit blaze app) but was disappointed that you need to sleep with the iPhone for it to work. I know a lot of work has gone into development and hence the 2. Apple Watch compatibility is a no brainier .... Want my money back.

Good but they still wont fix crashing

No update - going on over 2 years. Everything works great, but it crashes when you hit tips. Theyve known for over 24 months, but no fix. Disappointed that it shows they wont improve.

Used to be a great app

Use to be a great app. The alarm feature does not work properly with ios10.2 and motion x is not willing to fix this issue. Hard to use the sleep analysis feature when the alarm doesnt work properly and the app crashes 20 minutes after you start it. Sad to see this great app come to a sad end

Too slow

This program gets slower with every upgrade. Unbelievable.

Need update

App has got perfect skills but it needs an update for 6/6+ or higher

Great app

This app gives me very interesting info about my sleep patterns. Im not happy to hear I snore but there it is.


Overall the app is all right, but frustrating in that it tells me i have been idle for 60 minutes when, in fact, i have been mowing the lawn, vacuuming, etc. I would not recommend this app because of this frustrating aspect.

Apple watch support

Plz provide apple watch support for heart rate recording while sleeping....

Super App

Very impressed with this app. Couldnt be easier to use. FAQ section is helpful and informative. Highly recommend it.

Alarm fails about 40% of the time

I dont know what happened with this app, but in the past few months the alarm stopped sounding. I will wake up on my own and find it still recording my sleep. The screen evens displays the time the alarm was supposed to sound. But alas it does nothing. So I have to get rid of it. Today was the last straw.


New user. Seems to work very well. Heart monitor very accurate.

Best App Ever

Health friendly

Used to love this app but its gone bad

Ive been using this for about 3-4 years, and only had problems recently. The alarm doesnt wake me up, the interface is unattractive and its been 2 years since an update. Ive told them about this before but they just dont care. Im going to get sleep bot and have a better time.

This *was* working fine

Ive used this app for years and have become dependent upon it. About 6 weeks ago, the app began to terminate shortly after I started it, which means it failed to wake me up in time. It failed to wake me up at all. I also use MotionX GPS and MotionX Drive. Love them! However, none of these apps have been updated I. quite a while, which leads me to conclude that they have been abandoned.

Works ok about 75% of the time, otherwise......

Sometimes it shows a day (or days) "flatline" for some reason, even though activity was consistent each day. ?? Sometimes it shows random timeframes for a day. For example, it usually shows a day beginning in the morning and ending in the evening. But sometimes it will show a day as beginning sometime in the afternoon. ?? Again, even though each day has been substantially identical - say during a work week - some days are shown merely hours long, and that activity is just lost I guess. The phones health app captures the activity, though, so who knows why this app takes leaves of absence like that?

Isnt simple to use

Is not simple to use, and should make an update to use apple watch.

New user

Ive just started using this app. It has some wonderfully detailed features. I particularly like the snore/apnea/talk feature in sleep tracking. I still use my UP band and find that the reports dont match. I suspect that UP is more accurate, but Im not certain. But UP has no where the number of features the MotionX app has. I had some difficulty initially and Support was extremely helpful. I dont think Ive even fully explored the app or understand all the available features yet; have used less than a week but am very happy with it so far.

Love this app

I really like this app. It tracks everything I need it to and without having to have a fit bit! I use my Iwatch and it works great.

Good App

Has a lot of useful features

Amazing sleep/activity monitor

Love this app! You can visually see in graph form your sleep patterns, deep and light and wake periods. Daytime step counter and walk recorder make this a very useful app! New integration to Apple health which connects to myFitnessPal makes this a great way to track your overall health. This is a great app that just keeps getting better. CS is also excellent

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